Plainfield Seventh Day Adventist Church

Plainfield, New Hampshire


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We Believe



In the entire Bible as the inspired Word of God
In the Trinity: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit
In the Salvation only through Jesus Christ
In a new birth experience through the power of the Holy Spirit
In the imminent, literal, and visible return of Christ
In a last day message of mercy and judgment
In the Ten Commandments as a reflection of God's Character and infallible rule of living
In the 7th day Sabbath as a memorial of creation, given to us for rest and worship
In immortality, only through Christ, given at His return
In all Spiritual Gifts
In baptism by immersion through Christ's example, signifying His death & resurrection
In the Lord's Supper and the Ordinance of foot washing
In healthful living and Biblical Stewardship



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